Our goal

ACADIGIA was founded amidst the Covid19 crisis, aiming to deepen in the role of the New Academia which is leaning to more and more digital approaches, and target the transformation of the institutional staff into mentors who will animate and support peer2peer assisted groups of practitioners that take the online end blended teaching to the next level!

Actors of the project

• Polytechnic institutions: Professors, Program managers, Governance

• Higher Education Institution (HEI) support & training structures: E-learning support department, Pedagogic competence department

• Education consultants

We want to work with

• HEIs

• Associations of professors

• Training centres providing training for teachers

• Continuous Professional Development centers related to educators

• Ministries of Education

Latest News

Super mentors

Posted on
We continue working on the mentorship skills of our super mentors! It is being a great experience for all of us and both trainers and trainees are…
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Mentorship skills

Posted on
Mentorship skills have been exercised today! We had the presentation of the theory and one exercise for each one of these topics: Stages of Mentoring Relationships Active…
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