Innovative Methodology

The project, born within the Covid-19 crisis, has been put together in a structure that follows an innovative methodology of work conceptualization, and that is, a viral infection. ACADIGIA will be developed as an “anti-virus” that will infect the Polytechnic HEIs and generate a response to the global pandemic crisis. It has been always awe of nature, how RNA viruses utilize the so complex internal replication systems of organisms to multiply and spread with such a speed. The project concept, inspired by the C19 pandemic threat, follows such a roadmap of development, spread and incubation of an RNA virus, and the IOs and Activities have been thought according to the phases:

”RNA evolution”: a virus starts with the evolution of the RNA. Thus the ACADIGIA virus, which will infect the Polytechnic HEIs will start by bringing to light the synthesis of this evolution (here, RNA as Role of the New Academia) and, making the first conditions for a quick spread active (with a quick start guide, to reach to as many as possible with the view and vision).

”Infection stage”: where the virus finds compatibility with hosts and starts to spread. Thus the ACADIGIA virus will identify the compatible first hosts (the mentors of the program), develop the infection viral load (the training pack) and make contact with the hosts (the training).

“DNA incubation”: where the virus enters the organisms and it multiplies using the internal mechanisms to be expressed. Thus the ACADIGIA virus to enter the Polytechnic HEIs will establish transmission hotspots using the infected hosts (establishing the teams that will work with the mentors), go widespread (start the sessions in the teams where the educators come in contact with the mentors and get trained) and develop the new cases (where the “ACADIGIA infected” now educators create their cases) and as a final step the ACADIGIA be expressed and rooted in the DNA (Defining the New ACADIGIA – instead of simply academia) of the Polytechnic HEIs.