On the 9th of December, the ACADIGIA Ignition Event for the Greek Polytechnic Institutes was held at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The mentors officially kicked-off the educational process towards the mentees, focusing on the main goals of the ACADIGIA project. The meeting took place in a conference room in the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering of NTUA.

At the beginning, the mentors presented the project, and specifically the aim, the objectives, the Intellectual Outputs, and the key results of ACADIGIA. The educators were called to evaluate their level of digital education readiness via a google form. Following, all the participants played two icebreaker games in order to feel more comfortable and to better know each other on a personal level. The activities were completed successfully and contributed towards the establishment of a healthy and positive team climate.  

This first session concluded with the formulation of the NTUA manifesto. The educators were encouraged to express their ideas and become creative. Each one wrote down his/her own values as well as the values, the mission, and the focus of the team. The ideas were summarized in a word document that was signed by all the members of the NTUA ACADIGIA team!!


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