On February 2023, the Educators in the National Technical University of Athens had a 3-hour online session, learning about quizzes and groups in Moodle.

Dina Sakka, a very experienced educator in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in NTUA was the instructor of this session. She made a detailed presentation regarding Quizzes and underlined their importance in the educational process. She explained how to create a quiz using helios which is the Learning Management System that NTUA is using and is based on Moodle. She demonstrated the Question Banks, the Question Categories, the types of questions that are available through the tool, the embedded answers and many more. At the end of the first part of the session, educators had the time to create their own quiz and ask questions about the procedure.

After a short break, Dina presented the Groups in Moodle and educators exposed to all the information needed to start using them. The trainers had great interest on using Groups and made several questions before going into practice and creating their owns.

In the next session that will be in March, Dina will introduce us to Big Blue Button and Jupyter Notebook!

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