The ACADIGIA project team has used the Digital Competence of Educators framework (DigCompEdu) to assess Kahoot contribution to the digital competence of educators and learners and we have concluded that:

Kahoot supports professional engagement: It is very intuitive and simple. Either regarding the creation of a Kahoot or the participation in an activity. However, it is favourable that there is an explanation, on the part of the organizer, to clarify the participants about the rules of the game.

Kahoot supports teaching & learning: Kahoot enhances the use of gamification in the classroom by facilitating the use of game elements such as immediate feedback, clear rules, fun, the inclusion of error, pleasure, and motivation. Furthermore, Kahoot can also be used as a diagnostic, formative, or summative assessment tool, depending on the objectives to be achieved. Game-based learning is considered good education practice. This has proven to be an effective tool for teachers to use in the classroom because it engages students in problem-solving, critical thinking and content knowledge review. Kahoot is a digital game resource, that offers teachers the opportunity to create quizzes, surveys, and discussions that engage students in learning with a competitive game format.

Supporting the Empowerment of Learners: Kahoot enhances dynamic and interactive learning in the classroom, by encouraging student participation and memorization of concepts. Simultaneously, it promotes new teaching/learning strategies. The perception of students when using Kahoot is very positive since this tool helps to learn, increases concentration, engagement, fun, and student motivation.

Finally, studies show that students prefer to use Kahoot as an assessment method over the traditional assessment tests. The use of this tool helps to enhance the motivation and learning outcomes of students.

Try it and have fun learning!

Kahoot is a free learning tool, although it has some paid plans, based on recreational activities, such as quizzes, true or false questions. Through this platform, it is possible to create and organize games in real-time and share them with remote players. The answers are made through the user’s device, it is only necessary to know the pin (number) of the game.

Therefore, to create a game based on questions by Kahoot you must access the link:

Alternatively, if you want to participate in an activity, you should use the following link:

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