On February 2023, the team of the ACADIGIA project visited the Vice Rector of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Professor Chatjigeorgiou who is responsible for the ‘Research and Life-Long Education’, since October 2019.

The team members presented the aim of the project and the produced results at this point of time. They discussed how NTUA can exploit the material that has been created within the project such as the compendium of augmented blended teaching, the tutorials and the quick start guides for 12 well-known digital tools and the mentors’ handbook.

The ACADIGIA team highlighted the role of the mentors and the interest of educators to further improve their digital skills and asked the Vice Rector for sources of funding in order to extend the mentors’ role after the end of the project.

In addition, the ACADIGIA team demonstrated a set of digital tools (iSpring, miro, Lucidchart, etc.) that are useful to both teachers and students and note the importance of further university funding in order to buy licenses for such software tools.

The Vice Rector, recognized the value of the project and the produced results and agreed to meet again in the following months and discuss related activities and potential funding opportunities.



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