On 20 January 2023, some of the educators of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA participated in the second ACADIGIA training session. The session was a “Refresh” of educators’ digital literacy, covering interesting topics such as the types of Digital Learning Resources, Open Educational Resources (OERs), guides for the effective digital content search, examples of OERs and OERs Repositories. Also, several tools for evaluating digital content as well as creating-publishing OERs were presented.

On the second part of the session, the positive effects of Digital Stories during lectures were discussed. The educators were informed about the steps to create a successful digital story, watched successful digital storytelling examples and were exposed to several useful tools!

At the last part of the seminar, our colleague @Dina Sakka presented «HELIOS» which is the LMS tool that NTUA is using and is based on MOODLE! Dina presented the basic functionalities of the tool that interest the most the educators such as finding and customizing courses, creating forums and assignments, and adding activities and resources.

All parts of this second session (M16) were very interesting and useful to the participants who are looking forward to the third session (M17). In the third session, we will dive deeper into HELIOS by presenting how an educator creates quizzes and manages groups.


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