In ACADIGIA we accelerate digital readiness of Polytechnic higher education institutions towards the sustainable adoption of more online and blended approaches in education!

At this stage of the project implementation, we are just few days far from releasing a breakthrough International report on the state of the blended learning that was widely adopted during the covid19 pandemic. A wide research was implemented in 6 countries (Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain, Greece and Ireland) with interviews and focus groups with HEIs representatives for this report.

We managed to gather invaluable information about the challenges that the institutions faced and the lessons learned, as well as the innovations they ideated to continue education even in such difficult conditions (quarantine, closure of institutions etc…)

Now, in our last meeting, we just decided on the final touches before publishing the report and reviewed the conclusions that will strengthen you practices for blended education!

Soon the report will be published on ACADIGIA website so keep tuned to our news and social media to receive the notification!

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